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Over the past few days my schedule has been packed. We had to get on a crammed plane and fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Once we got to Prague we had about 8 hours to sleep before we had to wake up and head to Terezin, a brutal Nazi concentration camp. We met up with Doris Groszdenovicova, an old friend from Prague, at the Park Hotel. She is a survivor of Terezin.

Doris, by Cameron Darling

So we rode the bus for hours and hours with her to Terezin and made a few college student friends on the way. When we got to the big Fortress of Terezin, it was like a small town but with huge walls all around it. I later learned this was the Terezin ghetto. We went to a very interesting museum on the fortress. It had all sorts of gadgets that the Jews made to try and escape with.

Then we went to the small fortress, which isn’t so small. It was the prison camp for all who got in the Nazi’s way, but mostly for the Jews. We walked through the fortress seeing the cells, showers, barracks, and gallows. I felt really bad for anyone who had to stay in this place.

Sleeping Cell, Each Number Is Where Someone Slept, by Cameron Darling

Life From The Inside, by Cameron Darling

Work Will Make You Free, A Skewed Perspective, by Cameron Darling

The next day we got on the bus again and headed for Telč (telch). We wandered around the small city of Telč for a while. Then Jarka (our local facilitator) brought us all to the castle. The Castle tour seemed pretty long to me cause all I could think of was how much I needed to find a water closet. When got out of the castle I ran as fast as I could to the little boys’ room.

Telc, by Cameron Darling

Once I got on the bus again we went to Slavonice, where there was a beautiful Baroque Church with a huge clock tower.  Then after that we each made a T –shirt, and painted a coffee mug. We slept at a hotel for one night in Slavonice, and went to Treboń the next day, which we spent a couple of hours in. My dad helped me take better pictures around town. We really didn’t do much in Treboń except get really good pictures.

Trebon, by Cameron Darling


When it was time to leave for Česky Krümlov, I was so excited my head was about to explode. I hopped on the bus and off we went on to Cêsky Krumlov. When we got there, we dragged heavy suitcases over the wobbly cobblestone streets of Cêsky Krumlov to our hotel. Right after that we went out to explore the town. We saw the castle’s first courtyard and walked around the alleys and found a really neat riverside cafe that only served authentic 16th century food. That means no fried cheese 🙁  . So I ended up having some roasted chicken pieces with potatoes. It was really good 🙂 .

Looking Down From The Castle on Cesky Krumlov, by Cameron Darling

The next day we walked up to the castle theater and took a tour there with our local friend who works as a guide there. Bryce showed us all the sound effects and how they made scene transitions. Apparently, they shot fireworks into the crowd and hoped that it didn’t hit anyone and that they would be so distracted by it so they wouldn’t see the scene change. But this was indoors, so most theaters like this one have burned down since especially since everything was wooden in there.

Cesky Krumlov Theater, by Cameron Darling

After that we went white water rafting down Vltava. It’s the same river that runs through Prague. We started out on the calm side of the river, upstream. I got pushed off the boat by one of my Dad’s students, Sam. The water was freezing but once you got use to it, it felt great. Susan and I were in the water, so we pulled the boat where we could touch and hopped back in the boat when we couldn’t. As we approached the first shoot the river started to speed up and off we went down the shoot. The waves pushed us around and bounced us up and back down. And just like that it was calm again until the next 4 shoots. It was so fun. But sadly once we got dry clothes on, it was time to leave for Prague.

The very next day I got up early to go to the Sewer Museum. That right, the Sewer Museum. In European countries sewers were a big deal because it was a big leap in technology. People used to just throw their waste out of their window and into the streets when their bucket got full. This made a bunch of people get sick all the time. Sewers helped fix that problem. So anyway when we got there we went deep under the streets and into a bad smelling sewer even though it’s no longer functioning. . It was revolting. We got to see the boilers, the engines and even saw so tour boats that you could ride on through the sewers. Weird! When it was over I was POOPED.

Prague Sewer Museum, by Cameron Darling

Prague Sewer Museum Boat Tours, by Cameron Darling

After we were done there, we went to the Prague Zoo. Its huge. It’s like a million miles long and tall. We saw all sorts of animals like the gorillas and tigers and bison. I’m just saying it took us 4 hours to do half of it.

Charles Bridge at Sunset, by Cameron Darling

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