Cramming It All Into One Week

by Sir Cameron Darling

This week we’ve gone to a lot of places in the Czech Republic, and to start things off I’m going to tell you about Lidice. It is a demolished town that the Nazi’s destroyed to show there power after the assassination of Hitler’s right hand man. The wanted to make a point: if they say they’re going to destroy a town they mean it. They killed all the men over 15 years old on the spot, then they sent all the children to camps where some were killed or died, put all the woman in concentration camps ,blew up every building and rooted up every tree. How much hate do you have to have to do that?

Lidice Children's Monument

We also went to The Modern Art Museum. I wish I were as good at art as some of these artist. Luckily we live right across the street from the museum. So anywhoooo it has a lot of really cool sculptures, paintings, guns from the period of the paintings around it and furniture too. Some of the sculptures, photographs and paintings were of people without clothes. This done a lot in central Europe. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since in Prague kids my age like to swim naked in the fountains at the parks. Weird.

UT Students and I Marvel At The Modern Art Museum


Two Critics See Picasso In A New LIght At The Modern Art Museum


Deformed Cameron in Mirror Art

We  also went on a really long bus ride to Cesky Krumlov, but we made some pit stops on the way, like to Zatec (pronounced zha•tets) where we went to the museum of hops. This town is world famous for its hops.Which is in beer. Our other pit stop we made was Plzen where they made and invented the beer Pilsner Urquell (pronounced or•kwell). We went to the Pilsner Urquell Brewery. I also got to sample some beer. I wouldn’t say its my favorite drink, but at least its better than coffee. Over all it was a really good museum/Brewery. At the end I got a hat to prove to my friends that I’ve been to a real beer, or pivo as they call it here, brewery.

Viewing Film At Pilsner Urquell Brewery


In The Cellars At The Brewery

When we finally made it to Cesky Krumlov, I wanted to go straight to white water rafting. But that had to wait till the next day. We checked into our hotel and we got this really nice apartment, but we couldn’t stay for long because it was time for dinner with all of dad’s students. The next day we went to the Cesky Krumlov Castle and toured about 25 rooms out of the 300 the castle has. We went all through it and even went to the old Baroque style theatre which is the best preserved in the world if I don’t mind saying so myself. Plus it’s the truth.

Cesky Krumlov at Night Outside Our Guest House

Finally, it was time to go rafting. Yeah! We did this last year, but this year had some funny things. This really drunk Czech guy jumped into the water and got up on a boat with some of my Dad’s students. He stood on the front of the boat directing them to bring him back to his boat. But then this other drunk Czech guy leaped from his boat onto one of the students named Jake and started tackling him. It was crazy. Finally the students pushed them out of their boat , mom didnt want him getting on our boat so we started paddling away as fast as we could.

Once we got back to Prague we went on a tour through the Jewish quarters of Prague. It was cool and fun especially because our guide gave me and Carson points each time we answered a question right. The question were about the things she told us on the tour about Jewish history. And if we got to 5000 points at the end, guess what? Mom and Dad ended up getting us really good ice cream at the end of the tour. Yummmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!

In the last week I’ve been going out with my Dad to photograph in the evenings. He says the lights good then.The “Magic Hour” as my Dad would say. Here’s some of the results.

Tram In Front Of Charles Bridge On A Rainy Night


Dancing Marionette


The Executioner


Caught By The Executioner

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