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Lidice Sign

This week I visited Lidice (pronounced lee•deet•say). Back in WW II a group of Czech paratroopers shot Hitler’s second in command, a man named Heydrich. He died from his wounds and Hitler and the Nazis were very angry about it. They needed to make a point the scare the resistance. Lidice was a town that when the Nazi’s were very powerful a kid sent a letter to his girlfriend that he was part of the German resistance. That kid was from Lidice. They didn’t know about this letter till they were looking for a soldier in the building that the girlfriend used to live and came upon a book with all the letters from the kid. Then they found out that he was from Lidice, so they figured that they’d destroy Lidice to make a point. So early one morning the Nazi’s came, but then they wanted to do something that would make all their enemy’s tremble before them so they decided to erase the town from the map (like it never existed). When they came, first they burned down all the buildings and shot all the men that were 15 or over, and sent all of the women to a death camp in Poland, and sent all the kids except 7 to death camps.

Below are not original letters, but are translations of original letters.

Child's Letter #1


Child's Letter #2


Child's Letter #3

The remaining 7 were adopted by German families to be “germanized” (taught to hate Jews). The Nazis even dug up all the trees, then dug up all the dead bodies at the cemetery and burned them.

What Happened To The People of Lidice

When it was done, they finally covered Lidice with a bunch of dirt. Now Lidice is nothing but an empty piece of land.

After the war the Czech government rebuilt a 10th of the town and gave it to the survivors. None of them ever moved back there.

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