Carson’s Prague Ramblings

It was a very smooth flight from Detroit to Amsterdam at least till we got to the Amsterdam airport. We had a whopping 5 hour layover there. It would have been terrible if not for one really nice airport guy who gave us a free massage in the massage chairs. A while after that, we left for Prague.

When we finally got there all that traveling payed off. I finally got to see my dad again. I was so happy. I also got to bite off a tender, juicy, mouth-watering piece of smazeny syr, fried cheese, (my first bite in a whole year).

After a night of not nearly enough sleep I was driven off to Terezin. Our first stop in the concentration camp town of Terezin was the crematorium. The crematorium is where they put dead bodies through a machine that would burn there bodies to ashes and then put the ashes in holes in the cemetery. It made it easier to bury more people than they had room for. There was also a cemetery.

Remembering, by Carson Darling

Honor and Remembrance, by Carson Darling

But since Hitler was very greedy, they had a certain station for the bodies before they got cremated. That station was a place where they would search the bodies or any thing valuable or of use. For example gold teeth, glass eyes, wooden peg legs, and more. They would not allow pictures, so I can’t show you.

Our next stop was the main fortress, also called the ghetto. The town had a moat so Jews who were made to live here couldn’t escape. Every building in the town had steal bars over each and every window.

Our final stop was the concentration camp or small fortress. The camp kept the Resistance prisoners and Jews who were to be shipped to Auschwitz, a death cap in Poland. The Resistance were militia captured during the war who were going against the Hitler’s army and were fighting against their evil ways. This camp separated the men, women and children in different sections. There were many deaths in this part of the camp due to sicknesses because they were all living so close together in very poor conditions. They also starved and were even shot. All this killing of all these Jewish people was called The Final Solution, an idea by Hitler and his colleagues. It was very sad, very horrible. And we must never forget that something like this can and did happen.

Behind The Bars, by Carson Darling

Prisoner Looking Glass, by Carson Darling

Tunnel Under The Prison, by Carson Darling

On a happier note, we left the very next day for a three day excursion trip with all of my Dad’s students.

First stop, Telc (telch). In this town we went on a castle tour. Telc had a bunch of cool looking buildings. The castle was very interesting because the castle had a chapel that used to be painted with tons of various colors. Also it has an african hall full of animal parts. The king got these and more on his 5 hunting trips to Africa.

Our next stop was Slavonice (slav•ō•neat•say). Slavonice is an almost identical town to Telc. The one difference is that Telc has a castle and Slavonice does not. We made a T-shirt in Slavonice. Here’s a picture of it. We also painted ceramic coffee mugs.

Carson's T-shirt, by Carson Darling

Our next stop was Trebon (trshay•bonya). Trebon is a total carp town. It feels like all they eat is carp. Everyone says that they love the way they make it. But to me it all tastes like chum. Heres a picture of my Mom eating carp stew. “EWWWWWWW!”

Fish Soup, by Carson Darling

Mom Eating FIsh Soup, eeeeewwww!, by Carson Darling

Carp, Trebon, by Carson Darling

Last but not least was Cesky Krumlov (chess•key kroom•lof). Cesky Krumlov is always  the highlight of every trip. We did lots of fun things like white water rafting, touring castles, and more. We also went to see the most complete and best preserved Baroque theatre in the world.

The morning after we got back from our 3 day excursion we went to the sewer museum. Don’t worry this sewer is retired because it was inefficient as the city of Prague grew. The sewer was very cool because you actually got to go down in the sewers, in and out of lots and lots places that you would think wouldn’t even exist. To me it was like a city underneath your feet(a really, really old city.).

Sewer Museum, by Carson Darling

To top the week off we went to Prague zoo. This zoo is as big as the San Diego zoo. “THATS BIG”.

My Town, The Old Town Clock, by Carson Darling

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Lidice :(

Lidice Sign

This week I visited Lidice (pronounced lee•deet•say). Back in WW II a group of Czech paratroopers shot Hitler’s second in command, a man named Heydrich. He died from his wounds and Hitler and the Nazis were very angry about it. They needed to make a point the scare the resistance. Lidice was a town that when the Nazi’s were very powerful a kid sent a letter to his girlfriend that he was part of the German resistance. That kid was from Lidice. They didn’t know about this letter till they were looking for a soldier in the building that the girlfriend used to live and came upon a book with all the letters from the kid. Then they found out that he was from Lidice, so they figured that they’d destroy Lidice to make a point. So early one morning the Nazi’s came, but then they wanted to do something that would make all their enemy’s tremble before them so they decided to erase the town from the map (like it never existed). When they came, first they burned down all the buildings and shot all the men that were 15 or over, and sent all of the women to a death camp in Poland, and sent all the kids except 7 to death camps.

Below are not original letters, but are translations of original letters.

Child's Letter #1


Child's Letter #2


Child's Letter #3

The remaining 7 were adopted by German families to be “germanized” (taught to hate Jews). The Nazis even dug up all the trees, then dug up all the dead bodies at the cemetery and burned them.

What Happened To The People of Lidice

When it was done, they finally covered Lidice with a bunch of dirt. Now Lidice is nothing but an empty piece of land.

After the war the Czech government rebuilt a 10th of the town and gave it to the survivors. None of them ever moved back there.

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Carson’s Parade Blog From Prague

by Sir Carson Darling

This is the story of an over hyper jester, a really happy king and a grumpy little midget. thats the useless little camera man, me. The king wore a robe of gold. The jester wore a costume of red and green velvet. The midget, me, wore a yellow LSU tee shirt. Double click on the below picture to start the movie.

How’d you like my film? This was at the King’s Parade. This is an old reenactment about the king taking the crown on vacation. He had to travel to his summer castle with his guards and his court. I became part of this parade. I have some pictures of Prague too:

Me listening to the drum music.


Cameron, Mom and I at St. Vitus before the parade.


Tired after the King's Parade


Cameron and I on a horse sculpture in Letna Park.


Me running aorund a merry-go-round in Letna Park.


Throwing the football to David, Dad's student.


Video was done with a Flip camera and the photographs were taken with a E-PL1 (

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