I Broke The Washer

But I did not shoot the deputy…..

Ok, I’m laughing my traveling fanny off right now, otherwise I’d be crying. As I said previously, we’re in a new apt this year. New apt, new washing machine too. I just thought I’d throw in a load of laundry as we left today for about 5 hours or more. No big deal, right. We do this all the time. However, this was my first time in this apt in this washing machine. At MOST the machine should have been done in a couple of hours. Come to think of it, the machine was making some pretty big clanking sounds before the kids and I even left the apt, but I was more worried about whether I put too much soap in it though, so I blew the loud clanking sounds off. Once we got back though, 5 hours later, I had a sinking feeling something was amiss. You see, its the world’s tiniest washer as it is. It’s a top loader of sorts. But the extremely small tub inside is a metal cage. You have to lock in inner metal tub before you close the lid and press the start button. Apparently. Unbeknownst to me. The machine sits in this dark little corner of our apt, so I couldn’t really see it to be honest. I never saw two metal doors that needed to be closed. I swear I didn’t. If you don’t lock those metal doors though, that little cage thing cannot successfully spin around. It probably clanked around for one spin, though, before it got stuck. 5 hours later, we return to realize there was an issue. Now, we have no tools since we are visiting for a mere month. I did what any self-respecting cajun genius would do, I grabbed a spatula. Hey, it was the best I had. Then out came the wire coat hanger (that fixes anything doesn’t it?) and an umbrella, don’t ask. All I’m going to say is that I was not victorious. The repairman will hopefully be here tomorrow to fix it all. I mean, I can’t go very long with 2 kids and no washer, can I? Here’s the shot of our little broken machine at the moment. Notice the 2 ridiculously small boxes of detergent on the floor.

The Victim

It was truly a day of misses though. Cameron was eating his favorite sandwich. He and Carson had begged to have it for lunch. A smazeny syr, fried cheese sandwich. They really are pretty tasty. Notice how he is happily eating in the first two pics. However, he’s making the fatal mistake though of picking at his sandwich to watch the cheese string out. You never, ever do this:

Good Sandwich!




And then…………………………..



Manna From Heaven!


Yep, he dropped it on the nasty ground. The pigeons had a good lunch though. Cameron was crushed. Too late to get another sandwich too. We had to get to the museum where we were meeting Dennis’ class. Tough luck!

Life is fair. The other day, I accidentally left Carson’s coke on the tram. It was almost completely full. He was bummed. That’s an expensive error too as those cokes cost about $2.50 each. Whew! More better news to come. Love my grammer, huh?

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