Our First 10 Days In The Czech Republic 2012

It’s been an unusual summer, to say the least, all the way around.

First we went to my niece’s wedding. This was unusual for several reasons. First, it was awesome because Lindsey, that’s my niece’s name, is such an awesome, beautiful person. I mean it. I don’t say this lightly. She is lovely in all the right ways that matter and even all all the ways that don’t. She has this wonderful approachable personality, and it’s a good thing cause she radiates physically too. Anyway, she found this equally terrific guy to be her perfect match. Her adores her in a way that every woman would die to be adored. It was the kind of wedding that you want to attend because you know it’s a great match. The equally lovely hostess of this envious wedding was my sister, Kay, a single mom. She has raised this wonderful daughter and an amazing son, my nephew/Godchild, Jonathan. His rehearsal dinner toast to his sister was enough to make you laugh and cry for days. Then he, Jonathan, proudly walked Lindsey up the aisle. Raise your glass to my sister for her success and to Lindsey’s fabulous wedding. Ok, enough already, I’m tearing up! Here’s a pic of the happy couple:

Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Sprague

Then directly from there, the boys and I left for Prague. It was so good to reunite our family again. We missed Dennis. Hadn’t seen him in a couple of weeks. We made it safe albeit exhausted.

I’ve already written about our first “field trip,” Terezin. Next we took a road trip with all the students, or should I say bus/road trip. Cameron and Carson, who got a late start getting to know Dennis’ students, wasted no time jumping right in. Within and hour, they had names down and had picked out the ones who could “hang” with their energy. We stopped in Telč saw a wonderful castle and had lunch. Then we headed over to Slavonice. At this point it started to rain which put a damper on our walking tour, so we dodged into a little place where wemade memento t-shirts to take home and also memento ceramics.


Church in Slavonice, by Cameron Darling

Typical Sgravito Building Exterior In Slavonice. (Sgravito is scratching designs into the stucco.)

The next morning we took a brief tour of Slavonice, but by noon we were off to Treboń. This is a fish town. I say that because they are known for their Carp. Yep, I know, in the states we don’t really eat Carp, but in Treboń they not only eat it, they celebrate it. It’s their favorite meal during holidays of any kind. Carson and I had lunch at a very nice little place, and I had fish soup which was actually pretty good. But the fried Carp with this special dill sauce was terrific. Of course, anything fried is good.

Trebon, by Cameron Darling

We also had a beer at this local brewery right before getting back on the road to head off to another favorite city in the Czech Republic, Césky Krumlöv. We arrived to a beautiful sunset, walked around town, and the kids picked where they wanted to have dinner.

Looking Down From The Castle on Cesky Krumlov, by Cameron Darling

View From Our Dinner Table in Krumlov, by Carson Darling

They picked an authentic Czech restaurant that served us 17th Century food at a table overlooking the Vltava River. The temperature was perfect. The food was interesting and filling. After a great night’s sleep and fine breakfast, we toured part of the castle. We could practically give this tour ourselves and all of us Darlings have been there now 5 times. However, this city doesn’t get old to us. It’s like a mini Venice but with cars.The castle has a moat but instead of water in it, there are bears. This wasn’t for protection, it was a nod to the family crest of one of the families who lived there.

Bears In Moat by Carson Darling


We went white water rafting down through town, drank mojitos on the river and ate these fabulous pastries called Trdelniks, pronounced with rolled r’s <tr•del•neek>. Some of the students nicknamed them “turtlenecks” which is kind of what they look like. They are a pastry wrapped around and cooked on a hot cylinder and then rolled in a cinnamon sugar and various other things.

Our one disappointment was that our favorite pub closed. Last year when they were out walking the town one night, they stumbled on it and the kids thought it was cool, but they didn’t stay for a coke or anything. It was a vampire bar where you sat on coffins up to the bar and bizarre things decorated with walls. On our one night there this year, the kids were looking forward to their first trip to this bar for a soda. It was not be.

Thanks for reading. More posts to come.

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